Welcome to Best Hand

The newest solution to high quality professional laundry care.

Make an Impression

Assure your guests’ first impression is the best impression.

Quality Counts

Best Hand cares about your guests, big and small.

Realize Results

Best Hand Laundry means happy guests, and better margins.

Make it Last

Superior care prolongs life and saves greatly on replacement.

Details, Details, Details

You manage so many details, all provided to enhance the guest experience.  If the finish or hand of your in-room linens is scratchy and dull in appearance and texture, it detracts from the positive guest experience you work so hard to create. 

Our business is all about your business. We manage that responsibility with honesty, integrity and a passionate commitment to deliver the best product to you every day. I’ve worked in hotels for twenty years and know the best impressions start with the bed and bath. Good linen requires the proper handling to retain the best hand and provide the greatest longevity. Linens should be soft, bright and inviting to your guests. Let us take care of that detail for you.