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We Mean Business

With our background as hoteliers, we come with a wealth of hotel experience - for small properties and large, limited service and luxury.  Our laundry cleaning professionals at Best Hand have years of experience in operating commercial laundries for the hotel and healthcare industry. From room linen to surgical barrier linen, our knowledgeable staff will get the job done right.   

Our Philosphy

We pride ourselves on using the right combination of cleaning products and never using harsh chemicals on problem stains.   Abusing linens with harsh chemicals shortens the life of your inventory, increasing both housekeeping labor and linen replacement costs.  We created Best Hand Laundry to ensure the best quality laundering of our own hotel linen; we are committed to providing the same superior laundering services for our customers.

Our Systems

At Best Hand we use Milnor washing systems. Made in the United States and known for their revolutionary double drum chamber tunnel system that drains soiled water and cleaning agents as it transfers your linen to the next washing cycle. The Milnor system helps eliminate cleaning product residue that dulls linen over time. Tunnel systems use two thirds less water than conventional extractors saving precious water resources and reducing our impact on the environment. 

We use a variety of finishing equipment. Our large roll extra long ironers provide more surface area to ensure a professional finish on all pressed linen. Hypro six roll ironers deliver a professional finish without having to over dry; saving your linen from additional wear. Six rolls ensure a crisp well pressed appearance with every piece!

Our Process

All linen is hand fed allowing continuous inspection of every piece. We presort all linen to ensure the proper wash formula, avoiding multiple washes for the same soil. We customize all wash formulas, extraction and drying cycles to achieve the best hand and greatest longevity. Every piece is inspected throughout the laundering process.

All incoming laundry is weighed and recorded by cart number and compared to outgoing laundry to ensure you receive all of your linen. Billing for bulk linen is based on clean, dry outgoing linen. Finally, worn and damaged linen is inspected by management.  

Call Best Hand Superior Hotel Laundry Service today to start saving money and provide the quality your guests expect.

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Call Best Hand Superior Hotel Laundry Service today to start saving money and provide the quality your guests expect.