Best Hand Laundry is at Your Service

Good service relationships require open communication and no excuses. We work closely with you to ensure the best results and go directly to the manufacturers for their recommended laundering instructions, eliminating guess work. You will see and feel the difference in your linen and realize savings from longer wear. Only 15 minutes from downtown, we are convenient and quick, saving you from the headaches, time and panic over inevitable last minute needs… and without hidden upcharges.

  • Hotel Laundry

    We buy the best cleaning agents and use only peroxide in its purest form for stain treatment; gentler on the fibers and our environment. Conditioning our water produces softer linen and removes minerals that can build up over time and diminish the appearance.

    A daily manifest reflects total poundage for bulk linen and total pieces for items billed by the piece. Delivery carts are covered for protection with convenient display windows for content description.

    *Reclaim services available for guest room and table linen 

  • Valet

    When your guests look good, they feel good, and how you care for their belongings reflects on you. We offer daily, top-of-the-line Professional dry cleaning for guest clothing and accessories. And you can expect the same high level of attention to detail we provide in our other services.

    *Sunday dry cleaning available upon request 

  • Dry Cleaning

    We understand your employees are your brand – And when they look their best, they’ll be their best. Our professional staff will take great care in ensuring your uniforms  and accessories are dry cleaned and finished with professional finesse.

    Our dry cleaning services also includes Specialty linen and Duvets.

    Call Best Hand Superior Hotel Laundry Service today to start saving money and provide the quality your guests expect.